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About this project

Genre : musical horror
Status : completed
Type : AR game
Roles : co-writer, gameplay designer
Production company : Sonic Solveig

Have you ever immersed yourself in someone else’s dream? What do composers dream of? What if composers takes you to absolutely phantasmagorical lands ?
BERLIOZ TRIP AR is an interactive experience to be enjoyed In Situ in an exhibition space. This game takes you into the mind of Berlioz, possessed by sound and visual hallucinations during the creation of his Symphonie Fantastique. You enter a room filled with dead leaves and tree trunks, and are caught in the scent of an undergrowth. Using a magic lantern (iPad) you explore the 3D environment through the prism of a touch screen, and see the unconscious, the invisible, the unheard of this forest.

BERLIOZ TRIP AR, Immersion in a Sabbath Night’s Dream immerses the visitor in the visual and sound hallucinations of a composer. The goal of the game is to get into and out of this composer’s dream. For this, the player will have to collet the instruments of the orchestra scattered throughout the forest to bring the work to life and finally be free from the dream. The game takes place in a forest on a Sabbath night. Footsteps, whispers, bursts of laughter are heard. The player wanders in this forest always heading towards the sounds which reach him.

But the forest is quite dense, and it is not easy to find your way out. A voice guides the player and helps him navigate this dream. It is the ghostly White Lady who wanders, she presents all the characters: the Werewolf, the Rérodes, the Grand-Cerf, the Bats are the fantastic beings who roam the alpine forests at night. By approaching the characters, the player can free all of the orchestral instruments that were held by the
Chimeric Beings.

Finally begins the Sabbath, all the instruments of the orchestra surround the visitor around the fire. They then lead the latter in a macabre round, a round of the Sabbath. By following the round of instruments moving in the forest, the player moves into the heart of the orchestra. The bassoons and tuba roar in the ears of the visitor, while the flutes chirp nearby, and the bells come to alert us that the hour of sacrifice is approaching. It is only in the heart of the forest that all the instruments can be heard there, player visitor can stroll and change his sound perception. He can go towards the sound of double basses, like that of the clarinets and of each of the instruments of the orchestra.

Date:  June 19, 2014
Skills:  AR
Client:  Sonic Solveig