• Accompany filmmakers and artists such as Alejandro Jodorowsky (Holy Mountain, El Topo…) and Marc Caro (Delicatessen, City of Lost Children, …) to develop virtual reality projects

• Consultancy in designing creative strategy and technical workflow using immersive technologies for TV channels such as Republic TV, India

• Providing shooting service for 360° and dome content as director of photography (design an aesthetic and artistic style of the image, prepare the technical image choices and carry out the tests prior to a shoot)

• Conduct workshops in XR theory and practice for tech and art schools, as well as mentoring residencies and hackathons

• Mid-level skills in Augmented Reality Filters for Instagram, Messenger and SnapChat in authoring interactive tools such as Spark AR and Lens Studio

• Beginner-level skills in game design with game engines like Unity and Unreal

• Built camera rigs, and mastered workflows and tools in pre-rendered and real-time post-production

• Create innovative content and adapting to new workflows involving volumetric capturing, real-time interaction, 3D environment, mix of live-action footage…

• Pro-efficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, XR, Audition)


Design and conduct workshops to evangelize future clients about VR / AR. Example for Republic TV, an English-language Indian news television channel created by former Times Now editor-in-chief and biggest Indian television star Arnab Goswami. Seen by tens of millions of viewers.

• Editorial strategy designed for their virtual reality content
• Animation of workshops on the conceptualization, filming and post-production of virtual reality
• Establishment of production pipelines and workflows for their new VR department
• Supervised and trained filming and post-production teams
• director the launch title of their VR application


• TIMESCAPE – mentorship and advice to director Juanita Onzaga – 11/2018
• IIM (Internet and Multimedia Institute) – series of workshops on VR, AR and 360 °
• ATELIER GRAND NORD VR – mentoring and advising French-speaking VR creators in countries organized by SODEC, CNC, Wallimage in Montreal – Guest speaker – 2017-05
• COLLECTIVE LAIR – on virtual reality storytelling – 2016/10
• NEW CINEMA FESTIVAL – on virtual reality storytelling – 10/2016
• IX IMMERSIVE FESTIVAL OF THE SYMPOSIUM – Report on my Jet Lag virtual reality projects 05/2016
• NAD – Report on my virtual reality project – 10/2016
• CENTER PHI / VALTECH – President of the jury and consultant – 07-11 / 2016
• AGENCY TOPO – History, technique and aesthetic theory of virtual reality – 12/2015
• COMPOSITION AT UBISOFT – VR technique – 11/2016


ARTE – TRANS-CINEMA (3 TV documentaries on Notes on Blindness/ Laser Marshmallow Fest/

ARTE – THE VOID – TV documentary on the ultimate location-based entertainment facility

ARTE – HOLO-CINEMA – TV documentary on ILMxLAB, experimenting with Star Wars’ new content

ARTE – DALIT MUSIC – TV documentary about religious outcasts and their struggles songs