Space Out / New Trailer !

November 17, 2021

At an altitude of 2112m, I am presenting the new trailer of Spaced Out, my ultimate poetic machine. Winner of the Crans-Montana’s VR residency, and selected at Sundance, my work has redefined the limits of gravity.

Extract from Seth Porges in Forbes: “Spaced Out uses the floating sensation of a swimming pool to simulate the feeling of floating through space. The visuals are an abstract and trippy kaleidoscope of colors (think: the end of 2001: A Spacey Odyssey), but audio from the Apollo 11 mission gives you a sense of story and place. Experiencing underwater VR (the waterproof headset was made by a company called Ballast) reminded me of the first time I ever strapped on a VR headset and felt like I was experiencing something new and different. It also could be the beginning of something big: I can legitimately see underwater VR—and its accompanying feeling of weightlessness—being used for location-specific VR installations such as those produced by The Void. Or perhaps James Cameron wants to use it to produce a VR version of The Abyss?”