My original experiences have been covered by international media such as Wired, Vice, Forbes, Verge, CNET, IndieWire, Rolling Stone

[Maxime de Abreu, LES INROCKS]

“This music video plays with perceptions for a result halfway between contemplation and psyche delusions. Oh yeah.”

[Peter Rubin, WIRED]

“The tale of two women (Jet Lag) navigating the uncertain terrain of a suddenly-long-distance relationship uses 360-degree video to find sentiment without becoming saccharine.”

[Caroline Grégoire, VICE]

“His film (Patterns) is not only a work of personal healing, but an exploded experience for anyone who enters it.”

[David Graver, VOGUE]

“In Sundance’s VR and IA-oriented storytelling segment, New Frontier, film works like SPACED OUT (an underwater VR experience in a pool at the Sundance Festival Headquarters) drew lines of visitors.”


“Vibrations is sort of like dreams and filmmaking are merging.”

[Andrew S. Allen, SHORT OF THE WEEK]

“Two words: Underwater VR. As the novelty of plain vanilla VR has worn off, we’re seeing more works like Spaced Out that aim stimulate more senses and push us into ever-more immersive worlds.”

[Joan E. Solsman, CNET]

“Virtual reality already plays Jedi mind tricks on your brain, but underwater VR is like a zen Jedi masterstroke.”

[Andrea S. Kim, INDIEWIRE]

“Spaced Out goes beyond a paradigm in VR in which stories are simply translated from cinema to VR, and further cement VR as a new form of storytelling. It explores how meaning is found from a sense of “coming back.”

[Odile Tremblay, LE DEVOIR]

“This young creator is a citizen of the world in search of founding myths and spaces of transcendence.”


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PANEL/ PODCAST  (selection)

  • POLE DE VINCI – panel about international career in digital art industries – Paris, FRANCE – 2021
  • FILMGATE FESTIVAL – presentation about my experience of Spaced Out – Miami, USA – 2020
  • FORUM DES IMAGES – podcast about XR and body – Paris, FRANCE – 2020
  • SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL – presentation about my experience of Spaced Out in Park City, USA – 2020
  • MAGNIFY – podcast about virtual events in Los Angeles, USA – 2020
  • NEW IMAGES XR FESTIVAL – presentation about my experience of Spaced Out – Paris, FRANCE – 2020
  • MIDBO // INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL OF BOGOTÁ – presentation of my works in Bogota, Colombia – 2020
  • NEW IMAGES XR FESTIVAL – podcast about my experience of Spaced Out – Paris, FRANCE – 2020
  • WORLD XR FORUM – presentation about my experience of Spaced Out – Cran Montagna, SWITZERLAND – 2019
  • JORDAN BRADY PODCAST – interview about my career in New York, USA – 2017
  • CANNES NEXT – Maison des Scénaristes – Sodec Panel – Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France – 2017
  • KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL – talk on current selected project and VR storytelling – London, Amsterdam, Berlin – 2016
  • VR DAYS – on VR and philosophy – Amsterdam, HOLLAND – 2017
  • VRTO – on VR storytelling – Toronto, CANADA – 2016
  • TEL AVIV CINEMATHEQUE – on workflow and techniques of my VR project Patterns in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL – 2017
  • FUTURS EN SEINE – Conference about future technique in television –  National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) – Paris, FRANCE – 2014


WIRED on 16/04/2016

Featured in a Samsung ad on VICELAND on 02/12/2016

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