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About this project


  • Title: Trans-Cinéma
  • Genre: documentary
  • Contribution: writer, director
  • Production house : Program 33
  • broadcaster : ARTE
  • year : 2016

Why play at home when you can live it? The Void turns the funfair upside down thanks to virtual reality. This Utah-based company develops “out-of-home” virtual reality experiences combining state-of-the-art VR headsets with multi-sensory stimulation and haptic feedback accessories for maximum immersion.

“Tracks” is one of the longest and most respected programs on French TV.


Aired between June 2015 in July 2016, I wrote and directed 7 TV documentaries as a journalist for “Tracks” in the European newtork Arte. Each week this show explores all cultures : music, cinema, arts.


The first task was to find an eligible subject for their editorial vision. I mainly dealt with themes around new technologies and cinema. Then it was about go on set and therefore film sequences and then interview the artist in question. Hence I covered the Sundance Festival in 2016.The last task is to write the commentary injecting humor and information as well as supervising the editing of the show.