I was the director and creative direct of “Alone Together”, a world premier of French musician Jean-Michel Jarre, via his Avatar. He performed live in a specially designed virtual world, accessible to all on VRchat. Jarre’s custom-created “Alone Together” is a Live performance in virtual reality, simultaneously broadcast in real time across digital platforms, in 3D & 2D. To date, all virtual musical performances are pre-produced and are hosted in pre-existing digital worlds. Here Jarre presents his event in its own customized virtual world and everyone can share the online experience via PC, tablets, smartphones, or in total immersion on interactive VR headsets.

The live-streamed was seen by more than 600,000 people split between the French Ministry of Culture’s and Jarre’s social networks.

Louis Cacciuttolo from VRrOOm co-produced the mega event with Jean-Michel Jarre’s co-production company, Aero. He has assembled for the occasion a team of innovative artists such myself and Vincent Masson, creator of graphic universes presenting a
rich chromatic and architectural richness, who created Morphosis and The Tide, among other spectacular achievements.

A group of startups and technicians expert in their field has thus emerged, bringing together immersive
technology specialists like Antony Vitillo, VR developer at consultancy agency New Technology Walkers,
speaker at major XR conferences and creator of the renowned blog The Ghost Howls, Lapo Germasi and
Victor Pukhov , Manifattura italiana design architects, Georgiy Molodtsov, producer of virtual reality
content and VR film festivals curator, Jean-Baptiste Friquet visual explorer, glitch artist and director for
the digital live, with French startups such as SoWhen? experiential designers responsable for using the
technology to retranscribe the real performance inside virtual environment, innovation studio Atelier
Daruma of an award winning director Mathias Chelebourg (Alice, Jack, Dr Who) responsible of the real
time Avatar animation stunt, Seekat broadcasting simultaneously on all digital medias, MindOut LBE VR
specialist who hosted the VR experience in its dedicated locations at Paris, Velizy 2 and Lille and the
platform VRChat.

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