IN YOUR EYES – 360°/VR Music Video


“This music video plays with perceptions for a result halfway between contemplation and psyche delusions. Yeah.” Maxime de Abreu, Inrocks



Witness a young aboriginal man singing his longing in the middle of a Mad Max-like decor. Contemplate surreal machines-creatures mining in the desert. Experience psychedelic visual trips, made with chemical processes.

  • Available on the VR platform such as  


PATTERNS – Dome Film + 360°/VR + Location-Based Experience


“His film is not only a work of personal healing, but an exploded experience for anyone who enters it.” Caroline Grégoire, Vice



PATTERNS is a multi-platform horror-poetic VR experience (3 versions exist: Dome Film + 360°/VR + HTC Vive) narrating a hypnosis session to investigate why Walter feels possessed through his memories, his imagination and a recurring nightmare. Freely adapted by H.P. Lovecraft’s universe, it merges photogrammetry and live action volumetric video, and uses redirected walking to immerse the viewer inside a nightmare.



JET LAG – 360°/VR Fiction


“The tale of two women navigating the uncertain terrain of a suddenly-long-distance relationship uses 360-degree video to find sentiment without becoming saccharine.” Peter Rubin,



Due to her expiring visa, Ju, a 30-year old Brazilian woman, leaves India. Hence She leaves behind her lover, Tanushree, a young Indian woman. Separated by continents they start exchanging audio messages. To express their love in absence of each other, Ju performs an Indian classical dance and Tanushree, a capoeira dance. In these physical forms they find a temporary union. When Tanushree’s rational side arises, she questions the relationship, sending Ju diving into a poetic world…




VIBRATIONS – 360°/VR documentary


“It’s sort of like dreams and filmmaking are merging.” an Francisco Chronicle article 



“I had had a dream, but when I woke up only fragments remained in my accessible mind. As the fragments faded, I was left only with the conviction that I had to go to Nepal” Says the narrator in the opening lines of the documentary. Two filmmakers head into Nepal, two days after a devastating 7.8 earthquake jolt it. I was the one who had the dream, and I needed to find out why I ‘had to go to Nepal’. We spent 3 weeks in that beautiful country absolutely in awe of the Nepali people and their outlook towards life. The film is the story of our journey.







Montreal, Canada

  • ATELIER GRAND NORD VR – mentoring and consulting of VR creators from French speaking countries organized by SODEC, CNC, Wallimage in Montreal – Guest speaker – 05/2017
  • FESTIVAL DU NOUVEAU CINEMA – on VR storytelling  – 10/2016
  • IX SYMPOSIUM IMMERSIVE FESTIVAL – debriefing of my VR projects Jet Lag et Vibrations – 05/2016
  • NAD – debriefing of my VR project Patterns – 10/2016
  • CENTRE PHI/ VALTECH – jury president and consultant – 07-11/2016
  • AGENCY TOPO – on Virtual Reality history, technique and aesthetic theory – 12/2015
  • COMPOSITION AT UBISOFT – on technics of VR – 11/ 2016




Along with Ando Shah, we were consultants on the launch of the VR department of REPUBLIC TV, one of the leading news channel in India.

  • Built a team for both production and post production skill.
  • Design workflows for both production and post production skill.
  • Held workshops best practices of VR storytelling and technics




  • CANNES NEXT 2016 –  CANNES NEXT 2017 – Maison des Scénaristes – CANNES NEXT 2017 – Sodec Panel – Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France –
  • KALEIDOSCOPE – on current selected project and VR storytelling – London, Amsterdam, Berlin – 03-04/2016
  • VR DAYS – on VR and philosophy – Amsterdam, Holland – 10/2017
  • VRTO – on VR storytelling – Toronto, Canada – 06/2016
  • CONFERENCE ON VR – on workflow and technics of my VR project Patterns – Israeli Cinematheque – Tel Aviv, Israel – 08/2017
  • TALK ON  FUTURE OF TV FORMAT – Conference on future technique in television, National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) – Paris, France – 06/2014