Be Hypnotized in VR

Patterns is a multi-platform horror-poetic VR experience narrating a hypnosis session to investigate why Walter feels possessed through his memories, his imagination and a recurring nightmare.

Freely adapted by H.P. Lovecraft’s universe, it merges photogrammetry and volumetric capture, and uses redirected walking to immerse the viewer inside a nightmare.

“His film is not only a work of personal healing, but an exploded experience for anyone who enters it.”

Caroline Grégoire, VICE MEDIA

PATTERNS is  about  an  oppressing  atmosphere  which  leads  to  a  personal journey  of  liberating  truth.  It’s  a  rich  visual  universe  with  supernatural elements,  which draws  from  the  inspiration  of  my  familial  history  with  the decorative  work  of  my  grandfather,  the  19th  century  Gothic  culture  of spiritism with Victor Hugo’s experiment and Carl Jung’s Red Book.

For us, today’s cinema is VR at its prehistoric state. Technological limitations coupled with 700 years of Renaissance aesthetic tyranny couldn’t make the dream of VR possible : being inside another world, reaching an inner space and mastering reality. New tools like HTC Vive trigger creators to fulfill the VR prophecy and shape interactive cinema.

The  sound design and music play  a  central role in the restitution of this atmosphere. Through the  deep exploration of ambisonic sound  possibilities  the  voice  of  the  Spirit  will  have  an  impression  of  a physical  presence,  like  a  sound  monster.  In  other  hand  the  atmospheric music will have a contradictory role of coming from far away and being eery.

VICE INTERVIEW on 16/09/2016 

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